Stand Up for Persons with DACA at Christmas

As religious leaders in the Christian church in the Upstate of South Carolina, we invite our community to observe these holy days by recognizing our obligation and mission to stand beside those who are outsiders and foreigners in our land. As in other faith traditions, our Scripture is filled with stories of faithful sojourners, as well as with the repeated command to welcome the widow, orphan, and sojourner. Jesus himself was a refugee in Egypt and identified with the marginalized throughout his ministry.

Though it is the role of the church to stand for immigrants and refugees overall, we feel a particular need to speak out for those who live in the United States under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and are at risk of losing their status without the action of Congress and the President. We call on our legislators to do what is right and create a legal pathway for these young people to remain in the United States, a country that has formed them since childhood. We call for legislation that will protect them without simultaneously pulling their families apart. We believe that the words of Jesus in Matthew 25 apply more than ever, reminding us that when we welcome the stranger, we welcome Jesus.

As Christians, we welcome our Savior during this holiday season by standing beside our immigrant brothers and sisters. We call upon our fellow Christians to do the same. Please consider calling your representative and senators and ask them to quickly pass legislation to protect our DACA recipients. We wish you all a season of peace, joy, and light.

Grace and peace,

Keith Ray- Clemson United Methodist Church

Tim Udouj-Grace & Peace Presbyterian (PCA) (Greenville)

Manuel Mendoza-Morningside Baptist Church (Greenville)

Daniel McLellan-Saint Andrew Catholic Church (Clemson)

Susan Leonard-Ray- Anderson District Superintendent of the United Methodist Church

Alejandro Mejia- Parroquia Luterana Nuestro Salvador ELCA (Greenville)

Kristin Dollar- Buncombe Street United Methodist Church (Greenville)

James Bross- The Wesleyan Church, Southern Wesleyan University

Russell Oglesby-White Oak Spring Missionary Baptist Church (Central)

Deb Richardson-Moore- Triune Mercy Center (Greenville)

Jeremy Patterson-Bob Jones University

Al Masters-Fort Hill Presbyterian Church (USA) (Clemson)

Patrick Kelley-Clemson United Methodist Church

Suz Cate- Holy Trinity Episcopal Parish (Clemson)

Bob Menard-Clemson Catholic Campus Minister

Bruce Schoup- Peace Church United Church of Christ (Clemson)

Chris Heavner- Clemson Lutheran Campus Ministry

Jon Heiliger-University Lutheran Church (Clemson)

Dana Waters-Fort Hill Presbyterian Church (USA) (Clemson)

Laura Conrad-Fort Hill Presbyterian Church (USA) (Clemson)

Christopher Wilkerson- Holy Trinity Episcopal Parish (Clemson)

Nedal Mefleh-Islamic society of Clemson

Elise Hind- Baha’i Faith

Michael Jones- St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Church (Anderson)

Eric Coleman- First Baptist Church (Greenville)

Ed Stallworth- Inman United Methodist Church

Warren Ashmore- Retired United Methodist Minister

Laura Garren-Holy Trinity Episcopal (Clemson)

Debra Griffis-Woodberry- Retired Clergy United Methodist Church

James Morgan-United Methodist Church

Paul Gable- Clemson United Methodist

Laura Garren Holy Trinity Episcopal (Clemson)

Kelly Norton- Clemson United Methodist Church

Sandra King- Disciples United Methodist Church (Greenville)

Marla Fuller-Saint Mark United Methodist Church (Greenville)

Rebecca Phifer-Simpsonville United Methodist Church

Cathy Joens-South Carolina United Methodist Conference

Kevin Lindley- Bells United Methodist Church (Abbeville)

Jason Wilson- Grace United Methodist Church (Abbeville)

Kathryn Hunter-SC Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

Kempie Shepard- SC Conference United Methodist Church
Freda Brock

Susie Smith-United Church of Christ Minister

Tandy Gilliland Taylor- Triune Mercy Center (Greenville)

Phyllis Morgan- United Methodist Church

Charlie Brookshire- United Methodist Church

Kevin Gorry-Fairview United Methodist Church (Easley)

Leslie Lang- Fourth Presbyterian Church (Greenville)

Michael Vandiver-St. John’s United Methodist Church (Anderson)

Roger McKenzie- Southern Wesleyan University

Eugene Aiken- Mt. Zion United Methodist Church (Central)

Steven Dilday- Southern Wesleyan University

Janet Welch- Fourth Presbyterian Church (USA) (Greenville)

Robert Black- Southern Wesleyan University

Ken Dill- Southern Wesleyan University

Rebecca Jordal- Disciples United Methodists Church  (Greenville)

David Taylor-Clemson University

Matthew Miller- Greenville Multicultural Church (Greenville)

Pat Jobe-Retired UU Minister

Jim Caprell-First Presbyterian Simpsonville

Robin Barton-Triune Mercy Center (Greenville)

Daniel Weidenbenner

Laura-Allen Kerlin-Advent United Methodist Church (Greenville)

David Fink- Religion Professor Furman University

David Blanton- Retired Southern Baptist Minister

Derrick Smith- SC Test Prep

Jonathan Tompkins-Travelers Rest United Methodist Church

A.V. Huff Jr.-United Methodist Minister (Retired)

Mary Mendoza-Bob Jones University

Philip Vander Ploeg-Merge College & Young Adult Ministry (Clemson)

Matt Rollins-First Baptist Church (Greenville)

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